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5 Proven Methods To Getting A European Scholarship Revealed

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Get paid to study in Europe 

The emergence of grants and European Scholarships have had significant influence in the area of studying abroad.

What’s the big deal about a European Scholarship anyway?

Let’s find out.

These scholarships are very popular due to the large amount of options available to prospective students. Also, these European Union schools provide a high level of education that is widely recognised, and generally with an option in English.

Have that front of mind when you consider the points that follow in this post.

The vast experience we have in European Scholarships makes us the perfect place to start.

Some of the points raised below will stun you into thinking about European Scholarships in a new light.

Recent figures have shown a large spike in students researching the topic of studying abroad.

The Prizemoney Factor

Close you eyes and imagine you are the king of all things studying abroad.

What are the first few thoughts that come to mind?

You think it is expensive right. You can’t see how you can possibly afford it. You just don’t have the money.

Never fear. By the end of reading this article, you just may well be on your way to a free education.

Remember, knowledge is power.

Time to commence our enlightenment.

1: Be flexible with your choice

Let us begin with the obvious.

Odds are massively stacked against you if you are targeting just one course at one school. You are closing the door on 99% of other scholarship options by locking yourself into the one place.

Cast your net wide. Be open to going to any school in any country. Often some schools won’t have anybody apply for the scholarship so they simply do not award it.

Point is, don’t get obsessed with thought of being at the one school you have chosen.

And that is only a starting point.

Compound that starting point with our next offering.

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2: Compete against less applicants 

This complements the first point perfectly. Why apply for a scholarship at a popular school where your application is competing with 10,000 other students.

Increase your odds. Apply to schools that may have a handful of applicants, if any.

So many of he smaller uncommon scholarships are awarded to the single applicant that applied. Why? Because they were the only candidate.

And like that, you are learning more and more about European Scholarships.

And to our final point

3. Look off the beaten track

Many scholarships to popular countries like United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Netherlands receive thousands of applications.

Yet, if you look in more abstract places, such as Hungary, Norway, Poland and Austria, you will reduce the amount of competition massively.

For example, difference of applying for a Scholarship in the UK compared to Hungary is close to 100,000 applications.

You do the maths.

Point number three is now in the bag.

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4. Research hidden scholarships 

Some scholarships are not publicised. But if you do your research closely on the school, you can find certain grants and scholarships available.

The good news is that many of them allow for you to apply online.

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5. Smaller guaranteed grants

The final option is to not be looking for full scholarship options like the rest of the students out there. Hunt for grants instead.

These will usually award less money, however your chances of getting them are twenty times better than getting awarded a scholarship.

Putting these points together forms a solid foundation for your understanding.

There is far more to explore when it comes to European Scholarships. This is certainly a great place to start.

Be smart about it

That brings our main points about European Scholarships to an end.

With everything you have learned in this article about European Scholarships, you can know begin asking your own questions. Write down any additional thoughts you have on European Scholarships.

There is more to learn when it come to European Scholarships. What a delight it would be to get a European Scholarship.

Will studying abroad continue to be a much discussed topic?

Will just need to be patient for the time being. For now we can only wonder.

You’re welcome.

Last thing to think about. Let us know your thoughts too.

Remember to check out the other articles we have on European Scholarships.

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