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How Student Mobility Will Restart In the New World After Pandemic

24th September, 2020

# pandemic

# student mobility

It's no surprise that post pandemic study is currently a very topical issue in relation...

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Why Border Closures Are Causing Havoc With Student Mobility

25th August, 2020

# Student Mobility

Already the wheel has spun back to this. No need for a panic attack. The following material on bor...

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The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Erasmus Program

13th May, 2020

# Erasmus 2021

# Online Learning

Get in there. Place your phone on silent. Get yourself up to speed and feel comfortab...

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Hogeschool PXL

Hasselt, BEL

University of Copenhagen

Kobenhavn, DEN

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Alicante, ESP

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The Trinity Academy of Languages

Dublin, IRE

The Trinity Academy of Languages
Kill Avenue, Dun Laoghaire
Dublin, IRE
The Trinity Academy of Languages offers English Language summer courses for adults and teens on