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Social Distancing Advice For Those On Erasmus Exchange During Coronavirus

Do the right thing. Park what you are doing and read this. Have some points in your pocket next time the topic of **social distancing** arises on Erasmus. Dominate your next discussion that revolves around coronavirus.

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Social distancing and the Erasmus Program

There is no doubt that coronavirus requires consideration of many fundamental factors, with social distancing being one of the most important.

But just how critical is social distancing in relation to coronavirus? And while on Erasmus exchange? That’s what we are here to find out.

Social distancing is a set of controls put in place by governing bodies to help stop and prevent the spread of a disease, such as coronavirus.

Now that you have a sound understanding of what we are dealing with, the remainder of the article should be easy to decipher.

The stigma of social distancing

All the little bits and pieces we’ve learned along the journey can now be passed on to you, That is when the internet becomes such a handy resource.

Currently, many people are seeking advanced understanding of social distancing.

Make an honest assessment of what your knowledge to date about social distancing is. What are these preconceived notions?

Self isolation perhaps. Staying away from other people. Not seeing friends and loved ones. Loneliness.

Plucking these concepts out of your head will ensure you are truly focused on social distancing.

We intend to build on this existing foundation of knowledge.

Let’s start at the most logical place.

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1: Keep up the video chat

Let us begin with the obvious.

Being isolated from friends doesn’t mean you can’t see them.

Luckily, we live in an age where technology can allow you to chat with your network of video calls. Not only does this allow you to speak direct, but also to see their face and communicate on a deeper level.

Erasmus students who are still in their exchange country should make sure they are regularly video chatting with their friends and loved ones at home.

With that said, you can at least say you know a little bit more than before. This puts you in a good place to consider the next part.

2: Don’t isolate yourself mentally

Just because you may be requested by law to physically isolate from your student peers, doesn’t mean that you need to mentally isolate too.

Keep you mind active. Keep involving yourself with your study and education material. And keep up the chatter via online interaction. It’s important not to go into your shell mentally, as this may cause mental health issues over a prolonged period.

And like that, you are learning more and more about social distancing. With this behind us, you can move onto the next area.

3: Prioritise your hygiene

Social distancing allows us as society to minimise the spread of disease. This occurs as the results of the virus not being able to spread via human trails, like touching common things in public like door handles.

However, it’s still highly important that you keep up your rigorous hygiene routine even though you may not go out in public or to your Erasmus classes. This includes washing your hands, using sanitiser and keeping things you regularly use clean - such as you clothes, or your laptop keyboard.

That rounds out another point.

These aspects all support each other to produce a clear viewpoint on social distancing and coronavirus.

You can know see why social distancing is such a talked about topic.

These are the main points to remember.

What’s next for social distancing?

You’ve reached the finish line.

A sound understanding of social distancing has now been obtained.

Be sure to reinforce your learning by diversifying your research. That’s all we will cover in this particular snapshot. If you enjoy reading about social distancing, then hopefully you got something positive from this article.

Who knows what the future will hold for social distancing? Will just need to be patient for the time being. For now we can only wonder.

Now go make yourself a cup of tea.

One further request for you. Leave any questions or comments you have below.

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