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Ies Merindades De Castilla

90 / 100
Study abroad in Villarcayo, Spain
Erasmus Code EBURGOS03

Ies Merindades De Castilla is an educational institution that is located in a region known as Villarcayo, which is found in the country of Spain.

Ies Merindades De Castilla Review

Ies Merindades De Castilla gets a ranking of 90 out of a possible 100.

Ies Merindades De Castilla is considered an extremely disirable Erasmus location in Spain, and is a selection that many people recommend when choosing a study exchange placeeramus location.

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93 86 87 92 86

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The official name of this Erasmus listing is Ies Merindades De Castilla.

The address is Calle El Soto S/n, postcode of 09550.

It is located in the region of Villarcayo in the country of Spain.


To apply to Ies Merindades De Castilla, you need to consult your course coordinator, Erasmus manager or the International Office at your home school and follow these steps:

  1. Note the Erasmus code: EBURGOS03
  2. Prepare a cover letter of why you desire to study at Ies Merindades De Castilla.
  3. If possible, identify course outlines or units at the destination university that match or correlate to your current course at your home institution.
  4. Get a transcript of your grades (optional but a good idea).
  5. Have you European Union Identification.
  6. Visit their website at

Is Ies Merindades De Castilla a top ranked university in Spain?

So, when it comes to comparing Ies Merindades De Castilla with the rest, is it in the Top 10 Erasmus destinations in Europe? Well, the best way to find out is to check our Current Erasmus Top 100 Rankings and see if Ies Merindades De Castilla makes the top of the list!

Best Rated Erasmus Locations

There have been no negative reports recieved from Erasmus Students, Tourists, Staff, Visitors, Parents or Professors at Ies Merindades De Castilla.

Place delivers when is came to adventure.

Other notes:

There is no information available that confirms whether Ies Merindades De Castilla has limited Erasmus placements. As a general rule, unless there is clear indication, you can assume that an Erasmus position in Spain is available given it still has it's Erasmus code EBURGOS03.

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