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The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Erasmus Program

Get in there. Place your phone on silent. Get yourself up to speed and feel comfortable on the topic of Covid-19. Defeat others in a battle of who knows more about Erasmus Program and Coronavirus.

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The bare basics of Covid-19

With everything going on in the world at the moment, why is there such keen interest in Covid-19 and the Erasmus Exchange?

When was the big moment that this became such a talked about topic? The question demands you to direct your entire focus into learning the answers.

Covid-19 has ripped through Europe and as a result caused a major blow the Erasmus Program and the students involved.

That brief explanation should be enough for you to move forward.

Common feelings towards Covid-19

After spending so much time in the area of Covid-19, we can now pass our knowledge on to you. Hopefully we can help solve a few of the unknowns you have about Covid-19 impacts on study.

Increasing interest in this topic has risen of late due to recent trends in Erasmus Program’s future questions.

Close you eyes and imagine you are the king of all things Erasmus Program. What ideas do you immediately form about Covid-19?

The end of attendance in classrooms is not the future. Yes, there will be some more classes moved to the online method, but not all. Classrooms and student engagement are still important and have their place. All the experts claim this.

May the following information open your mind.

The major points we will address are more online classes, around 25% of student exchanges cancelled and a prediction of a 65% drop in student applications.

Many say this is a strange place to begin.

More Online Classes

Firing off our first shot.

The best way to continue hunting for an Erasmus experience is to change the way you traditionally think about it. You shouldn’t anticipate that after the pandemic things will return to normal and end up being disappointed.

Leaving aside physical classes as an expectation for your exchange, it is more likely you will participate in greater amounts of online classes post 2020.

Now we can tick off our first point. Compound that starting point with our next offering.

Around 25% of Student Exchanges Cancelled

If you want to avoid disappointment you need to make sure that you understand the numbers. We must be very wary that around 25% of all student Erasmus Exchanges were cancelled. There is nothing more frustrating for students than having their dreams of a fantastic study abroad experience shattered.

This is a good precursor to the next area of discussion. Let’s move forward.

Predict a 65% drop in Student Applications

It must be said the if the current trend continues, there will be a drop of 65% in applications in 2020. No matter how much the current situation improves it is impossible to project that things will return to normal in 2020. Put simply, any expectation you had of a 2020 Erasmus Experience is likely to only happen in an online class capacity.

So there you have yet another point.

When stitching all these aspects into one, a more balanced overview of Covid-19 and Erasmus Program can be seen.

Don’t forget that further considerations still exist. Retaining the key points now will help you make decisions about what is right for you.

Future for Erasmus Program?

So there you have it.

The road ahead in Erasmus Program is now much clearer.

The important things to know are more online classes, around 25% of student exchanges cancelled and we predict a 65% drop in student applications. Save those in your mind for later use.

Taking a moment to let this post set in will assist with information retention. Keep up the interest in the area of Covid-19. There is so much that can be discussed on a topic as interesting as Coronavirus.

What will happen next? We just need to sit back and see. Keep your eyes peeled for more developments.

So now you have something to chew on.

We ask one last favour of you. We are open to finding out your own viewpoint on Covid-19 too of course. Be sure to find other related articles we have on the pandemic.


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