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3 Outcomes of Brexit on the future of the Erasmus Program

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Will Brexit end the Erasmus Program?

In the world of Erasmus Program, Brexit is a major concern.

What were the big moments that led Brexit to becoming such an integral part of Erasmus Program?

That’s what we are here to find out.

Brexit is the process where the United Kingdom will transition out of being a part of the European Union. The Erasmus Programme is an EU program and therefore there is doubt over the future of the UK’s involvement.

With that in mind, the affect it has on Erasmus Program can be more easily unpacked.

Many of the points raised in this article are things we’ve encountered when dealing with Brexit.

That is when the internet becomes such a handy resource.

Don’t fall into the category of those falling behind due to their lack of knowledge around Brexit.

Classic Brexit myths

Think about what you currently know about Brexit.

What are these preconceived notions?

End of study in the UK comes to mind. No move free movement of students in Europe too.

As right or wrong as those thoughts may be, at least you are now in a good state of mind to learn about Brexit in greater depth.

So let’s compound your current understanding with some further options of what will happen to the Erasmus Program after Brexit.

Let’s sink our teeth in.

Option 1: Nothing changes

Here is the first option.

The UK negotiates with the EU that they wish to remain a part of the Erasmus Program. That is, under the exact same way it works now. 

This would be the simplest solution and also the most easy to implement. No new agreements or policies need to be made between the UK and EU, that can just go about current business in regards to the Erasmus Program.

However, the concern is that this may go against everything Brexit stands for - and highly irritate those who voted to leave the EU.

Wrap your head around that.

Great work - let’s keep it going to the second option.

Option 2: The UK leaves the Erasmus Program

This is the worst outcome for students. No longer will EU members be able to freely study in the UK as part of their Erasmus Program. It will be removed as an option altogether.

Most students are fearing this one the most. The worry is that the funding that the UK bring to the Erasmus Program will also be lost, meaning the Program may fall apart altogether - meaning it may no longer exist even in ER member stated. Disastrous outcome.

Bang. Two option down.

To the next.

Option 3: The UK restructures its involvement in the Program

A likely outcome is that the UK keep use of the Erasmus Program and remain a part of it - with some new conditons.

What these conditions could be are anyone’s guess. It may be that only certain Universities are available, or that a student is required to show a greater level of financial proof of living in the UK stability.

The plus side is that the UK remains an option fo the Erasmus Program.

So there you have yet another option.

When collating all the information together, you have a more birdseye view on Brexit.

So that explains the basic three likely options.

These are the main ones to remember.

Fingers crossed

Success - you now know more than you previously did about what may happen.

With everything you have learned in this article about Brexit, you can know begin asking your own questions.

Perhaps you can even begin writing down some further questions that have arisen as a result of this post.

There is more to learn when it come to Brexit.

What’s in store for Brexit next?

Will just need to be patient for the time being.

For now we can only cross our fingers the right direction is taken.

Now you can go back to what you were doing.

So look.

Leave any questions or comments you have below.

Don’t stop there - there are many other resources to be found on Brexit and the Erasmus Program. "

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